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Herbal Dream Pillows work on the same principle as aromatherapy. When you place the Dream Pillow under your pillow inside of the pillowcase, the subtle fragrance of the herbs is released as your head moves on the pillow.

The herbs in Dream Pillows are blended to soothe jangled nerves, relieve nervous tension, discourage nightmares, and induce restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Dream Pillows contain only pure, air dried herbs and flowers, and non-allergenic Fiberfil. No fragrance oils, preservatives, or other additives are used.

Dream Pillows are handmade, using 100% cotton fiber which has been laundered with scent-free detergent to rid the cloth of any odors acquired during manufacture that could interfere with the scent of the herbs.

Herbal Dream Pillows are 3 inches by 5 inches.

Good Night Pillow          $7.95

A blend of sweet hops, mugwort, lavender, catnip, passion flower, mint and marjoram to give you a good night's sleep without fitful sleep, sleeplessness or unpleasant dreams.

Cold Comfort Pillow          $7.95 

Eucalyptus, feverfew, mint, catnip, lavender and lemon thyme are blended to help you breathe easy for a good night's sleep during the colds and flu season.

Traveler's Comfort Pillow          $7.95 

Sleep in at-home comfort while traveling. Use the pillow at home from time to time, storing it in its zip bag between uses. Then when you're in a hotel or a guest room in a friend's or relative's home, the familiar blend of mugwort, rose petals, lavender, marjoram and passion flower is comforting, calming, and lulls you into sleep. Just be sure to remove the pillow when you're ready to leave!