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Renew soap is made with extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, soybean oil and shea butter, and enhanced with macadamia nut oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, kokum butter, ylang ylang essential oil, chamomile essential oil, with a touch of vanilla bean infused olive oil to mellow out the fragrance.
The oils, butters and essential oils were carefully chosen and blended for their moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.  
Renew will restore your skin!


Soap bars guarded by polar bear wearing a parka

Peppermint Blizzard

Peppermint Blizzard is as invigorating and refreshing as a crisp winter day.  A white bar with swirls of blue extracted from indigo plants, Peppermint Blizzard is at its best used on oily complexions.


Soap nestled in calendula petals

Autumn Haze

Autumn Haze contains calendula infused oil, has calendula petals swirled through the soap, and contains no added fragrance. Calendula is considered to be healing for rough, damaged or problem skin.



Bars of soap smothered in lavender buds

English Lavender

This is your old fashioned fragrance of an English lavender garden in our pure soap base, freckled with lavender blossoms and buds.  The fragrance is enhanced with lavender esential oil.  It has a hint of lavender color healthily provided by ratanjot root powder.  Always a favorite!



Bar of soap standing in mound of oatmeal

Oatmeal & Honey

Oatmeal & Honey is a special blend that is soothing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and healing. While the oatmeal gently scrubs, the honey hydrates and is especially soothing to skin that is disturbed by rash, minor burns, or sunburn.   The healing qualities of oatmeal and honey are enhanced by comfrey and calendula infused oils.



Bars of soap and oranges sprinkled with cloves

Arctic Sun

Arctic Sun is a blend of the astringent qualities of orange and the antibacterial
qualities of clove, and is freckled with orange peel and clove for exfoliation. An excellent soap for oily skin that helps control excess oil without drying.


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Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Herbal Only