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Snowbound Soap is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We are located in the middle of the best fishing and camping during the summer, the best and brightest colors in the fall, deer hunting season to mark the end of fall and the beginning of winter, and the best of winter with the UP 200 dog sled race, ski jumping competitions, miles of snowmobile trails, and, best of all, lots and lots of snow to make our soap.   ("Best of all" no longer applies when it's spring and I already have enough snow to last through the summer and snow is still falling and I pause between shovel scoops to shake my fist at the sky and shriek "Enough!")

We're a home based, family owned and operated business. We're proud of our products and work hard to make them the finest possible. We use food quality oils and spices. The botanicals are homegrown or the best from suppliers we've found who offer pesticide-free, air-dried products.