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Revive and refresh with an herbal bath.

Bath tea bags with lavender and comfrey herbs

Our herbal bath salts and bath tea come to you in individual bath-size teabags so you can enjoy an herbal salts bath without the annoyance of floating bits of herbs sticking to you and the tub.


Herbal Bath Salts

Lavender Peppermint

This is truly a blend to revive and refresh - drop a bag into the filling tub and let the lavender soothe away the day's stresses while the peppermint rejuvenates and refreshes.

4 bags $4.95
Lavender Comfrey

Muscles ache? Drop a teabag of Lavender Comfrey into your filling tub, then let the blended herbs and salts relax and restore you.

4 bags $4.95


Herbal Bath Tea

Stress Relief Bath Tea 

The blend of lavender, rosemary, mint and chamomile will soothe and calm as the properties of the herbs benefit your skin.

4 teabags $6.00

Healing Blend Bath Tea

If you biked too many miles or playing softball took its toll and your body is tired and sore and every muscle aches, let our special blend of calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender and rose petals restore you.

4 teabags $6.00