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I'M HOME !!!

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picture of Darren sitting in a chair
Here I am, holding my head up and being straight and tall.

Here I am with my brother Joseph.

Hi!  i arrived at home on January 29, 2004!  It was great!   I came home to Rochelle in an ambulance from the hospital in Chicago and it was snowing real hard so the ride took a long time.  I didn't mind because I really like cruising.

I  was home only until February 4th.  I had a blood draw at the hospital in Rochelle and they ordered an ambulance that took me back to the hospital in Chicago.  They kept me overnight, said I had a cold and sent me back home. 

I was home for overnight when the hospital in Chicago called me back - they discovered that my tests showed a bacterial infection in my blood.  Back I went - and had to stay there hooked up to IV antibiotics until February 27th.  Now I'm all well so my ambulance rides are over.  Mama says it's a good thing because now I'm just an ordinary kid.