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Finally!!   Here are pictures of my Uncle Rob and my cousins.  I have one more cousin - Sarah - but she's a grownup.  She's 19.  I don't have a picture of her to upload here.


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picture of Rob, Stephi and Michael



This is the California branch of my family.  My mama says we're going to go to California to live so we can go to the beach every day.  Uncle Rob,  Aunty GeorgeAnne, Stephi and Michael live near the beach - they're so lucky!  I've never seen a beach yet, but my mama tells me all about it.

This is my cousin Christian at his 4th birthday party.  Christian comes to play with me.  At first Christian was afraid of me because he saw an x-ray of me and he thought I was only bones.  But that was when he was little and now he's big because he's 4.

This is my cousin Olivia swimming in her pool.  She really loves to swim.  She's going to teach me this summer.  Olivia and I are the same age, almost.  She was 3 in February and I'm going to be 3 in September.  Olivia comes to play with me, too.  She thinks I'm a baby - isn't she silly!

We hope to update this page often with new photos.