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Only food quality oils are used to make our soaps, lotions and cremes,
and organic herbs are used in our herbal soap, bath salts,
bath tea and dream pillows.  
All of our products are handmade in small batches
to ensure quality.
Our soap and lotions are really made with snow
that's gathered after each fresh snowfall and used in place of
the distilled water used by other soapmakers. 
Nothing is added, nothing is removed -
it's pure snow.
Because of the process used, all of the naturally occurring
glycerin remains in our soap.   The one-quarter
glycerin is why Snowbound Soap is so
moisturizing and kind to your skin. 
Keep your soap on a soap saver or in a soap dish
so it doesn't sit in water - you'll find that it will last much longer.
Lorraine Aho,
Soap Chandler

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